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Vimarza’s easy-to-use learning platform enables people across the world, both Indians and foreigners, learn about India’s rich art, culture, and heritage. With an easy self-registration process and convenient modes of content distribution, learners can get access to various courses in different Indian artforms and traditions.

Vimarza is a
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  • Teach what you’re passionate about
  • Help your artform/skill thrive
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  • Gain a greater understanding of Indian culture
  • Find your convenient mode of learning

Building a Seamless
Digital Teaching Experience.

Creating a parallel world to teach about India’s rich art and culture through various concerts, event footages, and live educational classes digitally is not an easy task.

At Vimarza, here’s how it works seamlessly:

Content Creator Registration

Anyone who’s an expert in a particular skill or field of study related to India registers on Vimarza to share his knowledge. Banking details and the mode of payment are added requirements.

Content Creation

The registered expert creates content for the learners. It could be a course, a Video-on- Demand or a live event/session.

Community Building

The content creator gains followers on his/her channel. These followers get access to the creators’ exclusive content and also can participate in various events.


The content creator gets access to analytics that help in analyzing his work with precision for creating good quality content in the long run.


Through comprehensive reports, the content creator receives updates on the revenue growth and his work progress.


All content creators receive round-the-clock support from the Vimarza team to deal with their queries or problems if any.

Explore Innovative Teaching Models On Vimarza

We enable cultural enthusiasts, artists, and tutors from various fields of work to build content in multiple formats, allowing learners to choose the one that best suits their needs

Video On Demand

Includes exclusive VoD content along with pre-recorded live sessions and live conferences.


Includes pre-recorded lessons, one-to-many live broadcast sessions, and multi-interaction live conferences.

Special Events

Includes ticket-based, single-time live broadcast sessions along with a subscription for cinema mode, valid for multiple days.

Creating an Intuitive Learning Experience.

With an account on Vimarza, learners can get access to the various courses, different learning models, multitude of categories, and online course library. It helps the learners have an interactive experience both with the tutor and fellow learners to build a warm and welcoming learning environment.

Here’s how learned can get started:


Interested students/learners across the globe can register on the Vimarza platform and activate their accounts via payment methods of their choice.


Students can explore, find, and follow the creators they are interested to learn from and enroll themselves in their courses or live sessions. They can also attend the special events that the particular creator hosts.


Students can save their favourite videos and other modes of content as bookmarks to come back and learn anytime.


Students can get a single view of all the classes and courses they are enrolled in and also get notified for upcoming events or live sessions.


Students are provided with round-the-clock support from the Vimarza team to help with any problems that they might face.

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Students can get a single view of all the classes and courses they are enrolled in and also get notified for upcoming events or live sessions.

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