Apr 12,2021

Think It’s Too Late To Pick Up Music Now? Ami Mishra Disagrees

Many are convinced that 2020 was the year of introspection. We learned so much about ourselves – what we genuinely like, don’t like, our hidden passions and talents, and a whole lot of other things. And if you are like most of us, you probably even made a resolution to follow your passion during the lockdown period. Well, how is it coming along?

If the motivation died down as quickly as it had picked up, don’t worry about it. It’s easy to lose motivation or feel lost when you are about to start something new. If you want to pick up music you might find yourself thinking that one needs to be born with the talent or at least start early in life to be able to become a good musician. While that might be true for some, but never mandatory. There are plenty of popular musicians who only discovered their passion for music much later in life.

Introducing Ami Mishra

Take the popular Bollywood singer and composer Ami Mishra for example. This Indian songwriter who composed and sung Hasi from the film Hamari Adhuri Kahani did not even start singing till he was in college. In fact, if things had gone according to his early plans, Ami would have become a cricketer. Music happened to him accidentally. Only when Ami performed during his graduation first year, he started taking interest in music. The applause and energy that he received from the audience every year in college encouraged Ami to seek a career in the field of music.

Ami did not start early but his sheer willpower brought him success in life. Also, he got help from the right people who inspired Ami to become a singer and composer. Gradually, he learned to play guitar and started taking music very seriously. Encouraged by his friends and family Ami formed a college band at his MBA college. Of course, there were ups and downs – their band auditioned for over 10 musical reality shows and did not make the cut. He performed small gigs at clubs and restaurants to sustain himself. But none deterred Ami from pursuing his career in music and we all know how it panned out for him. Today Ami Mishra is one of the music composers in Bollywood.

If you are very passionate about music, take inspiration from this young playback singer from Mandla, Madhya Pradesh. No matter how old you are, all you have to do is discover yourself through the power of music. Whether it is singing, playing an instrument, or mixing – all you have to do is start.

How Can You Do It?

If Ami’s success story tells us anything, it’s that no matter what your passion is, discover it before you are too late. Don’t ignore your talent. Seek advice from the right people in life and nurture your talent. Interested in music? So be it. Learn more about music directly from Ami Mishra.

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