Feb 09,2021


"My Nani's Thekkuas are the best in the world and I want my great-grandchildren to keep eating these Thekkuas and pass it on to the next generations.”

This emotional thought of keeping the legacy of cooking delicacies alive has pushed many to explore their long forgotten, if not lost heritage. Heritage is the backbone of our existence; it is a road map from the past of how we have evolved and how we should raise our next generations.

Rediscover the Indian Heritage

India is the oldest civilization across the globe with a kaleidoscopic variety and rich cultural heritage. The Thekkua made during every Chath pooja is a heritage, also the Bharatnatyam dance form is a heritage along with 21 official and several local languages spoken in our country.

Wide Variations

36 main and several other festivals celebrated in India are an intricate part of the culture, intertwined with different cuisines and a diverse range of languages.

The different art forms, folklores, clothing style, delicacies for innumerable occasions - all consolidate the rich Indian heritage. Where else in the world is a good harvest of grains celebrated and the Sun God prayed to for the well-being of humanity?

Across the globe, Indians are well-known for celebrating life with food, lights, dance, music, feast, and that is the heritage which needs to be preserved and framed in our hearts and existence forever.

The Need

As life moves on our awareness and sense of anchor towards our rich culture are slowly getting overshadowed. With new-age working styles and a focus on work-life balance, it is the need of the hour for our kids to start understanding the value of India’s rich cultural diversity. Before it is too late, we need to start connecting to our roots. There is no time to read about traditions and culture

The Indian value system was built of self-reliance and D-I-Y techniques devised through Vedic systems. While Western Scientific methods have taken over, many of our cultural practices - yoga, Ayurveda, home-based cooking, fresh gardening and so on have started gaining popularity at present. This is where e-learning platforms like Vimarza comes into the picture.

Staying in Touch with Our Roots

The world today is fast-paced but we must extract time from our busy schedules to know and understand our roots. It is a continuous process where one generation sows the seed for its next generation and so on. We can be mechanical to the extent that at the later stages of life we realise that we did not teach our children to respect their parents, love them unconditionally and be there for them during old stages. Indian heritage teaches your family values and taking care of your loved ones in the most selfless ways possible and that is when we need Indian Heritage propagated.

Find Mentor, A Click Away

Being settled across the globe creates the need to introduce our forthcoming generations to our Indian culture, traditions, festivals, food, art etc. By teaching them and learning with them, you can feel proud of the rich versatile heritage that your country holds.

A thought-provoking knowledge enriched platform like Vimarza offers e-learning where you can keep your Indianness alive and inculcate the same in your children. In such a busy lifestyle somewhere down the line when one matures, there is a heart-wrenching desire to connect yourself and your next generation with their Indian culture and roots.

Cast aside your worries that your children will no longer know their culture and heritage. Vimarza website gives you the golden opportunity to brace yourself and redeem what you think you might lose. This e-learning platform will take you through a journey of Indian Culture and Heritage which you can revisit with your children. It also allows residents of other countries to explore India’s rich diversity in different forms such as history, archaeology, music, festivals, dance, and many more.

Vimarza will re-introduce you to your Indian roots, culture and heritage and you will be internally satiated.