Mar 19,2021

8 Online Art Courses to Boost Your Creativity: Explore & Learn

Residing far away from your native land might often make you feel homesick. You can probably start missing your family, Indian delicacies as well as the true spirit of Indianness. Foreign lands indeed offer your better incomes, lifestyles, facilities, and widely accept you as part of their culture but something is always amiss without the tinge of Indianness around. Also, a busy day at work becomes very exhausting without your immediate kith and kin nearby.

Under such situations, creative pursuits can prove to be the best stressbuster. For Indians, what could be a better creative outlet than investing some time in learning Indian artforms? Maybe none. The advent of technology has made it possible for you to learn anything, anywhere, anytime. So, let your creative skills make a mark. Re-connect with the Indianness inside you through online art classes and courses at Vimarza, a first-of-its-kind platform that helps non-resident Indians to reconnect, learn, and embrace their roots.

These online courses not only connect you with the rich Indian culture and heritage but also allow meeting like-minded creative individuals from across the globe, under a single e-learning platform. From the comfort of your home, online art courses enable you to improve your creativity and share your knowledge with the world.

Here are some online art courses that can boost your creativity:

1. Music

Are you carried away by enchanting rhythms and soul-touching songs? Do they inspire you to know more about this fascinating world of music? Or are you excited and willing to share your musical knowledge and unique compositions with others? If your answer is yes, then Vimarza is the right platform for an amazing musical journey for both learners and the learned.

In ancient times, Vedic chanting with melodious tunes, patterns, and voice modulations led to the evolution of Indian classical music. It is a unique and mesmerizing combination of sur (musical notes), laya (the tempo of music), and taal (rhythmic cycles). Notably, Indian music demonstrates the vagaries of nature and different human emotions through musical moods known as ‘ragas’.

There are mainly two types of Indian classical music - Hindustani and Carnatic. Both forms of Indian classical music have soulful compositions, rhythm, and unique characteristics. They can be sung as well as played on different kinds of instruments.

Nowadays, most musicians aspire to be proficient not only in Indian classical music but also in folk, pop, western, and other styles of music. Keeping that in mind, Vimarza offers online art courses in different types of music apart from Indian classical music. We also offer online courses in various types of instruments like guitar, piano, tabla, harmonium, etc. If you have mastered any musical style, you are most welcome to register as a music guru with us.

2. Dance

Have you spent hours watching videos of your favorite dancers and wished to dance like them? Or are you eager to share your dancing prowess with the world? Vimarza can fulfill your wish in no time. It is the best virtual meeting platform for the dance ‘gurus’ and ‘shishyas’.

Based on the concepts of Tandava (rhythm and movement) and Lasya (grace, expressions, and body postures), Indian classical dances have been receiving accolades across the globe since times immemorial. Indian classical dance forms include comprehensive footwork and handwork, which are a treat to the eyes. They depict stories from Indian mythology and various folklore. There are a total of 9 classical dance forms in India. Besides, other dance forms like Hip-hop, contemporary, Bollywood, etc. are equally popular in India and abroad.

We, at Vimarza, have curated online dance courses for dance lovers across the globe. Also, we actively encourage experts in various dance forms to come forward and share their exemplary knowledge with the world.

3. Painting

Bringing a vivid imagination down on a canvas is not an easy task. You need to have an in-depth understanding of painting. Wondering where would you find the right teacher to guide you properly? Or do you wish to teach different types of painting to art lovers? Vimarza is the one-stop solution for both painting teachers and students across the globe.

Through our online courses, we ensure that Indian paintings get their recognition globally. Indian painting styles fill the canvas with myriad colors, human life, emotions, beautiful landscapes, and stories from Indian mythology. They are a reflection of India’s deep-rooted traditions and cultural diversity. Presently, there are predominantly 8 painting styles belonging to different states of India. Some of the most popular forms are Madhubani art, Kalamkari art, Tanjore paintings, etc.

Professionals with a penchant for colors and possessing knowledge of unique painting styles are most welcome to join us as online instructors.

4. Crafts

Crafts are an art form through which craftsmen pass on their traditions, culture, and family heritage to society. Their lineage, imagination, creativity, artistic style, values, and philosophy of life are reflected in the form, design, and colors of their craft.

However, artistry and craftsmanship cannot be developed overnight. It requires years of practice and patience with a slice of natural artistic talent. You must know the basics of crafting before you discover your niche craft form. Crafts can be ancient, decorative, functional, contemporary, traditional, fashionable, etc.

Explore the creative you as a craft student at Vimarza. If you are someone who already possesses great crafting skills, then we will help you showcase your unique talent to the world.

5. Theatre

Are you a natural actor? Are you well-accustomed to singing and dancing in front of a live audience? Can you easily get into a character for cosplay? If yes, then theatre may be a good profession for you.

Indian theatre is nearly 5000 years old. Primitive forms of theatre followed a narrative style with recitation, singing, and dancing. With time, the theatre has undergone significant changes. Modern Indian theatre is a mix of traditional Indian and Western styles. Theatre today focuses not only on village folklore and mythology but also stories from other parts of the world, the life of a common man, contemporary issues, etc.

However, becoming a good theatre actor is no child’s play. It is more than just acting. You have to get your tone, expressions, voice modulations, and interpretations right. Vimarza online art courses in theatre will help you hone your theatre skills under the tutelage of experienced theatre artists. Besides, if you are a professional theatre artist, you can come forward and train many others on our platform.

6. Garments and Fashion

You often hear people saying that he or she has a good fashion sense. Fashion sense is always attributed to one’s dressing style and how they carry it. Thus, garments are more than more clothing as they are a true reflection of your personality and body language. Your style statement unravels your thinking, culture, traditions, and family background too.

So, are you interested in fashion designing? Are you good at designing Indian ethnic wear? If yes, then register yourself for the garments and fashion courses. Experts at Vimarza will help you acquire designing skills, especially related to the Indian fashion industry. If you are already a fashion designer, then join us as an online course instructor and spread your creativity across millions.

7. Architecture and Sculpture

Though architecture and sculpture are interchangeably used, they are quite different from each other. The sculpture is a 3-dimensional visual art. It involves carving and modelling statues and figurines from a wide range of raw materials like wood, stone, ceramics, plastic, etc. Architecture, on the other hand, involves town planning, urban designing, designing of buildings & physical structures, and landscape designing.

With technological advancements, both architecture and sculpture have changed significantly. However, mastering them is not easy. Creativity, artistic talent, and hard work are essential ingredients to master this art form.

So, if you think you are talented enough to make a mark in architecture and sculpture, join our online architecture and sculpting courses. We are sure you will enjoy this creative ride with us.

8. Rangoli

Rangoli is a beautiful art form that originated in the Indian subcontinent. It involves making amazing designs on the floor using rice flour, powdered limestone, sand, colored sand, flower petals, colored grains, rocks, etc. It is a regular practice in most Indian households.

Rangolis are usually drawn at the entrance during any festivities or grand celebrations. They give a warm and welcoming impression to guests. Mesmerizing rangolis with amazing designs, patterns, and color combinations are found everywhere during occasions like Diwali, Holi, Ganesh Utsav, Janmashtami, etc.

So, is your housewarming around the corner? Or do you wish to learn some easy rangoli patterns for the upcoming Indian festivals? Vimarza’s online art courses also include Rangoli.

Improvise your creativity, acquire new skills, and teach what you have learned at Vimarza’s online art platform. Spread Indianness worldwide!

Wrapping Up

Vimarza is actively involved in spreading our cultural heritage across the globe. We have a plethora of online art courses in Indian art forms for both creative novices and experts. Our courses are carefully designed by individuals who are stalwarts in their chosen fields. Pre-recorded lectures, engaging content, personalized courses, and live events are some unique features of the courses offered by us.

If you wish to explore, learn or teach an Indian art form, connect with us today! We assure you that with us learning and teaching will be a joy ride.