Mar 03,2021

7 Artforms of India That Every Art Lover Should Recognize

India is a culturally distinct and diverse country! Indian art has rich antiquity that spans thousands of years.

In ancient India, artforms have symbolized the prosperity of the empires and the Kings ruling over the country. The key purpose of Indian art was to spread the glory of India and glorify the deeds of the Kings! Generations passed, but Indian artforms still hold their grandeur and popularity across the country. In fact, each of the artforms has evolved with time and the world seems to go gaga over the new and updated versions.

Indian art comprises various art forms that include architecture, sculpture, dance, music, painting, theatre, fashion, and garments too. While some artforms remain untouched by the modernization flow and still hold historical significance, few artforms are adapting to contemporary art and culture. Notably, each artform depicts the glory of Incredible India and the best thing about them is that all are unique and eye-catching in their own way. Here are the top 7 artforms of India that every art lover should recognize -

1. Architecture and Sculpture

Many of us think that architecture and sculpture are the same kinds of artforms. But no, they are quite different from each other. While sculpture is an art of processing (carving, modeling, or welding) plastic or hard materials into fine artworks, architecture is an art mainly related to construction. However, sculpture has long been meticulously connected to architecture with the concept of architectural decoration and innovative design pieces.

These artforms are no longer restricted to their traditional concepts. With technological advancements and new sculptural tools, both architecture and sculpture have reached new heights leveraging a wide variety of new materials, practices, and spatial schemes of reference. If you are interested to explore these contemporary artforms and know more about the advancements in this space, get enrolled in our online courses.

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This is the modern form that is followed by major dancers in modern times. This is a simplified version of the Pandanaloor style first started by Rukmini Devi. With angular sharp movements, there are lesser expressions of Sringar and Lasya.

2. Music

Is music the soundtrack of your life? Are you the one who feels "I want to sing songs that have deep emotions", but is struggling to understand the art behind music? Then, pull up your sleeves and get ready for a musical expedition.

Music is an art that relates to instrumental and vocal sound for better expression, and Indian music is one of its kind. Like the practitioners of other musical forms, Indian singers aims at expressing emotions through various forms - classical music, folk, rock, and pop. If you love Indian music and want to learn more about this artform, Vimarza’s music courses are here to fulfill your desires. These courses will help you brush up your musical knowledge under the guidance of expert musicians, who are here to teach you how to maintain the harmony and cultural standard of the melody!

3. Dance

So, you love dancing and want to pursue your career as an Indian dancer. Great! But do you have basic knowledge about the different types of Indian dance forms? Do you know the difference between Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi? If your answer is no, then Vimarza team has you covered. Our dance courses will help you learn everything, which is a 1000+ years old legacy and plays a major role in Indian culture. Our expert dancers from across the globe will not only teach you the art of dancing but will also provide simple explanations of every dance style.

4. Painting

Painting is the perfect mix of ideas and emotions of an art lover. You should know how to paint your imagination in one frame! And, talking about Indian painting, it should be noted that this is a culturally rich artform that portrays the values and beliefs of the country. From Madhubani Art to Modern Contemporary Indian Paintings, Indian painting has earned accolades across the globe for years now. Want to join the bandwagon? Hurry up and get enrolled in painting courses offered by Vimarza. It does not matter if you are a novice or an experienced painter who loves to paint, our online painting classes and courses will assist you to become a pro.

Through these online painting art classes or courses, you will understand how to append aesthetic qualities in a two-dimensional visual language. The painting courses and classes will assist you to take your skills to the next level.

5. Theatre

How about drama? Is acting your forte? If yes, then it should be kept in mind that to become a successful actor you must start polishing your talent as a theatre actor. Theatre is an art that majorly revolves around live performance, where the action is pre-planned to build a significant sense of drama. It is much more than only acting; theatre also involves everything singing and dancing to have a strong impact on the audience. Sounds easy? Not at all. To become a good performer, you should have quality traits like good control over voice, visual elements, movement, and related things to express your emotions in a meaningful manner!

Enroll yourself in theatre art courses offered by Vimarza. These courses will help you to become a good actor with time, under the guidance of experienced trainers! It will help you to re-interpret and modify short dramas or films for a contemporary audience.

6. Crafts

Craft is a language of provenance, material, and making unique pieces. It is an artform, where hands and tools play a major role in creating something useful. You really need to master the knowledge of crafting before you decide which type of craft form interests you the most. Notably, this particular artform can be divided into different types completely based on their form and purpose - decorative, functional, paper, artistic, and fashion crafts. Sounds interesting? Discover more about crafts and uncover your potential to produce unique pieces through the online courses at Vimarza. This will assist you to take up the craft as an artistic challenge and win over it.

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7. Garments and Fashion

Garments and fashion speak of the moral values and ethics a person is carrying! You must have a good fashion sense to look smart and stylish. Notably, style plays a very important role in communicating one's love for culture and also expresses his/her personality. In fact, garments are much more than just clothing items for the body, it represents one’s culture, nationalities, etc. Through fashion, you can easily express yourself and the Indianness you carry. How? Well, to know the technicalities behind choosing the right garment and enhance your fashion sense be a part of the Vimarza family.

There are different garment and fashion designing courses available at Vimarza, where you get to learn about the artistic creativity and technical aspects related to fashion. Get enrolled in any of these courses and give wings to your imagination. Learn what is trending in the Indian fashion industry and get to know how to add an Indian twist to your everyday fashion routine.

Wrapping Up

Does any of these artforms interest you? If yes, then it is highly recommended to get enrolled in the various courses offered by Vimarza. These courses will introduce you to the deep Indian roots and heritage. It does not matter whether you are a master or a learner, we provide different online classes and courses to help you become an expert based on your sheer interest. If you have already mastered any of these artforms, join us to spread the knowledge across the globe.

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