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Vimarza enlightens you about the Indian way of life, its culture and heritage. Connect with Indigenous artisans and learn authentic Indian artforms seamlessly.

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Indian Way of Life, Unveiled

Haven’t visited India yet? No worries. At Vimarza, you can learn about the country very easily. Find everything you love about Indian culture and get to know about its various artforms from the masters themselves.

  • Explore from a large collection of courses on various Indian artforms and subjects.
  • Connect and learn niche Indian skills from specialized subject experts.
  • Learn at your own pace, at your own place.
  • Access efficient, effective, and meaningful lessons from committed creators.
  • Gain unlimited access to video tutorials and recorded live sessions.
  • Connect with people who share your passion and love for the Indian culture.
  • Enhance future prospects of Indian artforms.

Why Choose Vimarza?

Apart from being the world’s first online learning platform exclusively for Indian culture and heritage, Vimarza offers a seamless learning experience for Indophiles and Indian culture enthusiasts.

  • Easy self-registration.
  • High-quality video content.
  • Secured payment gateway supporting major payment options.
  • SMS, email notifications, and alerts for scheduled content.
  • Scalable and secure internet solution.
  • 24x7 chat support.

Experience the India you love, in all its glory!

Learn Traditional Indian Languages, Like Sanskrit, From Experienced Instructors.

Learn Traditional Indian Musical Forms Like Carnatic Violin, Hindustani Music, Veena, Flute And More.

Gain A Better Understanding Of Cultural Epics Such As Ramayana And Mahabharata.

Learn Vedic Maths And The Science Of Hindu Astrology.

Get Online Access To Cultural Concerts, Traditional Drama, And Special Sports Events Unavailable Anywhere Else

Explore Everything Else That You Still Need To Know About India

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India From the Core

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Here’s what learners at Vimarza have to say about the platform.

“ Great tutorials on various Indian artforms - from Carnatic music to Kathak. As an admirer of the Indian classical music, I can’t have enough of these amazing classes! Learning from people who actually understand the artform is a blessing.”


“ Namaste! The vibrant grandeur of the Indian culture has always mesmerized me. The fact that I can now learn more about the country’s diverse and rich culture straight from the masters themselves is really prayers answered!”

Isabella Jones