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Vimarza is a Digital Delivery Platform that enables a streamlined creation and distribution of courses about Indian culture and heritage. We create a holistic experience for learners via videos, arts & culture programs, concerts, event footage, live classes, and more.

Creating A Pathway To India - The Vimarza Story

India is known for its diversity, as people here have different skin colors, belong to various religions, follow different ideologies or philosophies. Moreover, when you are travelling in India, for every 15-20 Kms, the language keeps changing in its communicative style.

Despite this acute diversity, the Indian people have always lived in harmony and mutual respect. It’s a sight that has had the boldest behold in wonder at the largest Democracy for no reason.

India’s rich cultural heritage is, in more ways than one, responsible for the sense of love, warmth, and respect that people have for each other. It’s something that the world marvels at while also being mesmerized by the variations in colors, the traditions, the clothes, the music, the artforms, and the festivals. Both non-resident Indians and the Indophiles across the world crave to get a taste of this Indianness.

Here’s where Vimarza comes into the picture.

We are an online learning platform for people who cannot visit India often but intends to learn about Indianness. It consists of pre-recorded videos, on-demand video content, and other study material for learning Indian languages, artforms, traditions, and more.

The creators of each course are handpicked artists, specialists, or experts who have mastered in their respective fields of study and are now interested in sharing the knowledge with the world.

Because no matter how far from India one is, the country resides in the heart.

And, at Vimarza we make sure you’ll feel at home.

Who is Vimarza for?

All courses on Vimarza are user-friendly. Anyone interested in any particular artform or tradition can easily get access and start learning.

  • Indophiles
  • Non-Resident Indians
  • Culture Enthusiasts

Here’s what learners at Vimarza have to say about the platform.

“ Great tutorials on various Indian artforms - from Carnatic music to Kathak. As an admirer of the Indian classical music, I can’t have enough of these amazing classes! Learning from people who actually understand the artform is a blessing.”


“ Namaste! The vibrant grandeur of the Indian culture has always mesmerized me. The fact that I can now learn more about the country’s diverse and rich culture straight from the masters themselves is really prayers answered!”

Isabella Jones

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